Speaker selector with JavaFX

Recently I've been asked to build a simple application in Java and I decided that this was the best opportunity to finally try out JavaFX, the amazing graphics framework to build modern and flexible user interfaces in Java.

In this article I want to share with you the application I've built, because the code can be quickly analyzed to find solutions to some of the common problems that a first-time user of JavaFX might be facing, like:

  • Dealing with data collections and TableView / ListView
  • Filtering items in a TableView and ListView with a TextBox
  • Passing data between two windows
  • Switching layout inside the same window / scene
  • Using Gson and some tricks to create a file-based persistent db

The application is a simple meetings editor. Every person participating to the meeting can be registered in the software, that can be used to select a random speaker to host the meeting. The speaker must be someone that is present at the moment of the meeting, for this reason a record of every person not attending the meeting is saved prior the selection.

You can find the application code at the following repository:

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